Undiagnosed Diabetes

Decreasing vitality is a problem as we age. One of the reasons could be undiagnosed diabetes or unregulated control of the bodies use of sugar. About 26% of older adults, greater than the age of 65, have diabetes. 1/3 of them don?t know it.

The usual causes of diabetes is poor diet-one that is high in simple sugars such as candy and cake, lack of exercise and obesity. However, aging can also be a cause for diabetes, Screening with a fasting glucose test or a glucose tolerance test, where you drink a sugar drink after fasting and then having your sugar tested, is suggested for anyone 40-70 who is overweight or obese. It has been found that the risk of dying is decreased if people are diagnosed with diabetes or prediabetes and have education in nutrition and exercise and are able to may lifestyle changes.

People diagnosed with diabetes who are older than 65 have less risk of ketoacidosis or acute illness secondary to very high sugars but do have more complications with hypoglycemia, such as fainting, falling or confusion with low blood sugars.

Diabetes can be controlled with exercise and diet but may need medications. The medications can be either oral or injections or both. Blood sugars need to be monitored on a regular basis to make sure the treatment is effective. Diabetics also need to be seen regularly by physicians to monitor for complications such as heart disease, eye problems, kidney problems and feet and hand issues.

Treatment of undiagnosed diabetes can result in better vitality and less fatigue, resulting in a longer and healthier life.