4 Benefits of Seeking Elder Care Services From an In-Home Care Company

Taking care of our senior relatives is a noble duty that we must make every effort to excel at. While you may wish to take care of your senior loved one by yourself to provide maximum care, our modern life may not allow it. You have to work, take care of your younger children, and keep your social life active. But this doesn’t mean your aging relative should be neglected. You can seek elder care services and have a dedicated caregiver look after your senior family member.

When you make the smart choice of hiring a caregiver, you should seek one from an in-home care company. Here’s why.

1.The Top Home Care Companies Vet Their Caregivers Vigorously

Sadly, cases of elder abuse and neglect are on the rise. A few bad apples who aren’t cut out for elder care do some despicable things to the seniors under their watch. When you pick a random home health aide from a list you found online, there’s no guarantee you’ll find a responsible, compassionate, and experienced caregiver. It will be hard for you to ascertain the criminal records and certifications for basic training such as fall prevention certification and nutrition training for a caregiver. And this is the dilemma that in-home care companies seek to solve. By vigorously background-checking all the caregivers under their network, home care companies ensure that you get the best and most qualified caregiver.

2. Flexible Options for Receiving Senior Care Services

In-home care companies can afford to have flexible schedules because they have many caregivers under their network. This makes it more convenient to hire a caregiver, especially when you have abrupt changes in your normal schedule. Maybe you normally take care of your senior relative when you get back from work or on the weekends. However, something may come up at work that requires you to fly out or work extra hours. When you have enlisted elder care services from an agency, it will be easier to arrange for extra services without protracted delays. This flexibility helps ease your mind when you have sudden unplanned changes in your routine.

3. A Home Care Company Will Pair You With the Most Compatible Caregiver

In-home care agencies have many caregiver profiles in their database. Before registering a home health aide, home care companies will collect as much information from the caregivers to establish their character, hobbies, virtues, and personality traits. Similarly, when seeking senior care services, the agency will indulge you over the phone or through a brief sit-down to know you and your family better. They may also interact with the seniors to gather their expectations from a caregiver. After building your ideal profile of a caregiver, home care companies will leverage their caregiver database to find a perfect match. This way, you’ll get a caregiver who has a lot in common with your family. Ultimately, this will boost the interaction between the home health aide and your senior loved one, and the entire family as well.

4. It’s More Affordable to Hire Elder Care Services from an In-home Care Company

The good thing about a home care company is that you’ll pay fixed rates for elder care services as agreed. You don’t have to deal with fluctuating rates, as is the case with independent caregivers. Again, your home health aide won’t bail when offered better rates elsewhere, seeing that they have a binding contract with the agency. Compared to the rates charged in assisted living facilities, the cost of elder care services is a great bargain. Additionally, your senior will be more than happy to age at home in the company of close family members.

By 2040, the population of seniors aged 65 and above is projected to increase from 6.5 million to 14.4 million. This means that elder care services will continue to be in demand in the coming decades. Hiring a caregiver from an in-home care agency is the best way to get a compassionate, experienced, and qualified home health aide for your senior loved one.