Better Toileting Incontinence

Better Toileting Incontinence

Urinary and bowel incontinence become more common as people age. 33% of elderly women and 15-20% of elderly men are affected with some degree of difficulty controlling their bladder. 30-50% of the elderly who are incontinent of urine will also be incontinent of their bowels. Incontinence is a cause of isolation, depression and dependency in the elderly and disabled community. A Spectrum of Care aids consumers with incontinence. Although some individuals are uncomfortable with receiving these services, toileting/incontinence and bathing/dressing are the most personal cares we provide. At A Spectrum of Care we go to great lengths to provide caregivers that are sensitive to these situations. We are aware of any obstacles that maybe in the home, to assure safety, privacy and confidentiality when assisting our consumers. When assisting in the bathroom for toileting and changing soiled clothing, all safety precautions are taken, such as, helping the client reach the grab bars, staying in the room with the client or just a step outside the door. If we notice a possible chance for an accident, such as missing grab bars, or an elevated toilet seat, we will mention this to the individual or family, so as to alleviate this possible hazard. When assisting in the bathroom for bathing or showering and dressing, we continue to be discrete and are safety conscious. Many clients express how good they feel after bathing or showering. They feel energized and renewed. Our caregivers will help with the bathing experience from head to toe in a safe and respectful way. The finishing touch is to assist with regular dressing, making certain the consumer is dressed appropriately for the season and weather. We are also able to put on Teds stockings or compression stocking as well as ace bandages to keep leg and ankle swelling down thus helping to prevent blood clots from forming. In doing so we are able to look at toes and feet to see if there are any issues to be taken care of there. Lastly, we will place safe footwear either slippers or shoes. In the evenings the reverse is done, getting people ready for bed in a caring and compassionate way.

Our mission is to provide the most compassionate and flexible services to each and every person in need.

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