Loneliness is associated with worsening illness and a shorter life expectancy especially in the elderly and disabled. This is associated with loss of purpose and meaning in one’s life. It also increases the risk of people developing depression and then may be at risk for developing dementia.

Companionship care is helpful to combat loneliness and meaninglessness and thus depression and possible dementia. Companionship care allows for transportation of the consumer to places that they enjoy such as bingo, the local senior center, visiting friends or a trip to the library. They may attend worship services or the theater. Consumers are able to do the tasks that are meaningful to them such as shopping, fishing, or other fun activities. We are able to accompany them on walks or swimming. We also bring people to their various appointments including medical appointments.

Meal times are an important part of a persons life and loneliness can be intensified at this time. Our companionship elder care providers will prepare nutritious and delicious meals designed for the consumer. We then sit and have conversations with them during their meals. We also do light house keeping so will do the dishes after the meal unless it is a task that is meaningful for the consumer to do.

There is time for conversation to discuss whatever is on the mind of the consumer. It is a time to get the life story of the person and what they have done in their lives. This can be done by reminiscing over old photos, books or diaries. We also can read to the consumer, play cards or other board games. We could watch a movie and discuss it. Sporting events are also popular. Hobbies are encouraged such as bird watching, gardening, or stamp collecting. Many people also like to listen to music and possibly dance.

Companionship time is open to several opportunities to help people spend their time with others in a constructive and fun way.

Our mission is to provide the most compassionate and flexible services to each and every person in need.

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