Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about us

What is "A Spectrum of Care"?

We are a home care business that provides care and services to individuals in their home so that they can stay as independent as possible. We have offices in Fargo and Sioux Falls. Our company is owned by Christie Iverson from Bismarck.

Do you accept clients in MN?
We do, however the client has to have funds to pay privately for our services because we do not accept any MN assistance at this time.
What kind of people do you help?

We help anyone that is need of our services that we are able to help. We do not discriminate against anyone. Our services range from companionship to housekeeping to bathing for example. Each client has a specific need and we tailor our services to meet their needs.

What type of payment sources do you accept?
We accept Medicare, Medicaid, insurance policies that pay for home care services and private pay clients.
Do you provide 24 hour care?
Yes, we are able to provide 24 hour care
How do you know if you can take care of someone?

Typically when a client is referred to us by the county or state, I receive information regarding that individual’s healthcare needs from his/her social worker. I would then contact the potential client and set up an initial visit to make sure that we can meet the his/her needs and that both the client and myself are in agreement with the service plan. If a potential client calls seeking services on his/her own, I would schedule an initial visit with that individual to make sure that we can meet the his/her needs and that both the client and myself are in agreement with the service plan.

How far from Fargo do you accept clients?

Currently we have a client that is greater than 70 miles from Fargo. The distance we go is specific to a potential client’s need and our availability to staff that potential client. For example, our client that is greater than 70 miles away, receives 24 hour care 7 seven days a week and we have staff that work two to three 24 hour days in a row.

Do you accept clients in the surrounding Sioux Falls area?

Yes we accept clients in these communities-Harrisburg, Tea, Brandon, Crooks, Hartford, Baltic and Renner.

Who do I contact to help me set up services if I need help but don't have the money?
I recommend contacting social services and explaining your needs and you will be directed to the correct person that can help answer your questions.
Where is your office located?

We are located on 45th Street in the office complex where WE Ortho is and behind Old Chicago. (Most people are not familiar with Amber Valley Pkwy, but know where Old Chicago and WE Ortho are located)

Are your employees insured and bonded?
What if we need to change the amount of services?
We do not do contracts. You tell us what coverage you need, and we provide that
Do you accept Medicare?
Do you except private insurance?

We will assist you in working with your insurance company. We will provide them with necessary documentation to file a claim. The bill for services will come to you, the consumer. You will be required to pay the bill, and the insurance will reimburse you.

Can we have services on the weekend or in the evening?
Do you have a minimum about of time for services.
YES, 2 hours.

Our mission is to provide the most compassionate and flexible services to each and every person in need.

Sioux Falls


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