During this time of the Holidays, it is good to think of all the things that are valuable and meaningful in ones life. It is good and healing to be grateful.

Gratitude can change the outlook in life from one of isolation to one of relationship. It can influence if one is solitude or if one is lonely. Several studies have shown that it can improve the duration and quality of sleep. It can improve the overall feelings of well being.

There are several ways to cultivate gratitude.

One way is to keep a gratitude journal. Write done things you are grateful for, it can be done daily or weekly. It is a great way to focus on the positive and reinforce it in your experience. You can also do a count your blessings exercise at the end of the week by writing down 3 things that you are grateful for.

Another way is to think about someone you’re grateful for in your life and why. You can write this person a thank you letter. Writing thank you notes is also a good way to practice gratitude.

You can meditate on gratefulness or if religious to pray about gratefulness and focus on the impact of people and places in your life, past and present.

Lastly, say thank you in a sincere and meaningful way, thereby bringing gratitude to everyday actions and events.