Healing with Guided Imagery

What is guided imagery? It is a form of meditation where questions are asked and pondered. The healing can come from the answers given to the questions. The questions can be asked by either the person who is meditating or by a therapist.

Questions should center around a problem such as pain or weight gain. It could also be centered on a disease such as diabetes or heart disease. The questions include : Why is this particular problem here? What does this problem want? What does this problem need? How is this problem serving you? What is this problem?s role in your life?

If you are able to sit with the problem and ponder these questions, sometimes very surprising answers arise that can lead to healing. Illnesses can begin with trauma that has not resolved. The trauma and its meaning may be only in the subconscious and guided imagery may be a way to shed light on it. When the trauma has been recognized, then you can start to make informed choices on how to deal with it and ultimately heal.

Guided imagery can also be used to help deal with everyday problems such as a co-worker or relative that you don?t get along with, issues that arise that you have no control over, or dealing with grief of losing loved ones or of aging. It can help to open you up to feelings/ emotions in order to see them and understand them more completely so you can deal with them in a healthy way.

It is a relatively simple but sometimes time consuming way to look at yourself. If you have had significant trauma such as child abuse or an abusive relationship, then you should seek professional help in order to do the process safely. However, if you want to gain more insight without having such issues in your past, it is easy to do on your own. Always keep friends, family or a mental health professional available if you run into trouble with the process.