Holiday blues

During the Holidays, sometimes one can feel blue.  There are several reasons for this-loss of health or loved ones, reminiscing on the past.  It can also be as simple as the increased hours of darkness during this season.  

If the mood is lower than just blues, if one is contemplating suicide or not able to function because of depression- then it is time to seek medical advise as soon as possible.  However, if the mood is mildly low but life?s daily work is not affected then continue to do the things mentioned below to help bring up the blues.

Many things can help lighten the mood.  Singing, laughing, dancing can all be a mood enhancers.  Doing things that you may not normally do such as painting walls or painting pictures on paper.  These things can focus your thoughts and leave the melancholy behind at least for a time.  Changing the times when you are outdoors, instead of walking in the early morning hours, wait til daylight and get some sun while walking.  

It is also good to connect with others either in person or by telephone.  Sending and receiving gifts and cards can make one smile. Looking back on the year for all the things that one is thankful for can also lift moods.  

Last but not least, make sure to limit simple sugars in the diet-cookies, cakes, candy- can give one a sugar high but then when the sugar in the blood stream crashes so can the mood. Exercise is a powerful mood enhancer and can drive away the midwinter blues.  A sun lamp may help to replace the sunlight that we miss in winter.  Stay away from depressants such as alcohol and get enough sleep. 

If all else fails, see a physician for therapy or medication.  

Happy Holidays