A Spectrum of Care

Serving Fargo, Sioux Falls, and surrounding areas with compassionate, individualized care in the comfort of your own home.

Custom Care to meet your needs

With care and integrity, our mission is to provide the most compassionate and flexible services to each and every person in need.

Qualified Service Provider

Our agency and staff strive to enhance the lives of your loved ones by providing an enjoyable experience in all aspects.

Personalized, compassionate and respectful care

Spectrum of Care

A Spectrum of Care is dedicated to personalized, compassionate and respectful care for the
whole person. We care for the sick, disabled, elderly; anyone who needs a helping hand. Each
person?s desires and needs are considered to make living at home possible using consistent
caregivers familiar to the client. Through effective communication between all parties-family,
client, social workers and health care providers- we are able to make life at home safer and
more enjoyable for both the client and family.

Our employees are screened and trained to provide the best quality of care available. Our hours
are flexible from as low as 2 hours to as much as 24 hours 7 days a week. We are honored to
offer this care to the Sioux Falls and Fargo areas and surrounding communities.

Why Choose Spectrum Home Care?

Small and experienced home care company that is locally owned

Responsible, respectful and compassionate caregivers

Coordinated care involving, hospital, physicians and other agencies for safe and e?ective care

Care options ranging from 2 hours a day to 24 hours 7 days a week

Complete sta?ng including nursing for care plans and medication administration

Holistic approach to caregiving


Flexible hours for employees with open communication style management

Competitive salaries and pricing

Licensed, bonded and insured

Christie Iverson MD

Christie Iverson MD


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