Meal Preparation

Meal Preparation

Meals are important times in peoples lives. It is a time for good conversation over food. This helps with digestion and satisfaction of the meal and with life itself. As people become ill or grow elderly there is a tendency to eat poorly. The diet does not have enough protein but still has too much carbohydrate. This does not allow the muscles to be maintained and there is a tendency to gain weight. Also essential vitamins and minerals may not be provided for in the diet so there can be symptoms such as depression, nger or foot pain, skin changes just to name a few.

A Spectrum of Care does provide consumers with nutritious and delicious meals that care providers will prepare. Caregivers take into account the tastes and needs of the consumer. They are able to incorporate suggestions from physicians such as low salt or low sugar diets. They will prepare the food as needed such as soft or liquid diets if necessary. The meal will incorporate adequate protein into the meal for healthy maintenance of muscle and the the carbohydrate load will be appropriate.

We also do light house keeping that would take care of the dishes after the meal, unless the task is one that the consumer feels is a meaningful task for them to do. We encourage consumers to do the things that they feel able to do and many times that is doing the dishes. This gives the consumer a sense of accomplishment and control.

Our mission is to provide the most compassionate and flexible services to each and every person in need.

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