Medication Reminders

Medication Reminders

Many elderly and disabled consumers have multiple medications with complex dosing schedules. This is secondary to the chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, chronic pain and depression, that are common in this group of people. It is difficult to remember how and when to take the medications. Sometimes the instructions with the medications can be difficult to read or difficult to understand therefore making it hard to take the medication

At A Spectrum of Care, we have nurses that can create ways to make taking medications simpler-pillboxes or other such devices, cards with enlarged lettering with simple instructions etc. Caregivers routinely will remind consumers to take their medications and will note if there is difficulty in taking their medications. This will be passed on to the nurse or social worker. In both the Fargo and Sioux Falls area, discharge summaries from hospitals are sent to our offices so everyone knows the new medication or dosage changes made during the last hospitalization, thus the nurse can make the appropriate changes ensuring safety and consistency when taking medications.

Caregivers are available to pick up and deliver medications to the consumer.

Our mission is to provide the most compassionate and flexible services to each and every person in need.

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