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Our Clients

Spectrum cares for all individuals in need from young adults to the elderly. At Spectrum, you will find quality care. With every patient who has entrusted their health to our hands, we make sure to achieve their satisfaction with our care, our staff, and services.

 Our commitment lies in upholding quality when providing home care services. Because care services can be customized, patients can evidently see the commitment that we put into their health. With Spectrum, the patient at home gets that dedicated attention from our caregivers, nurses, and office staff. Clients will enjoy the highest possible chance of recovery and health management in the comfort of their home.

 Spectrum cares for the people who are frail and fragile. This comes from decreased activity with muscle weakness and thinning of bones. Our caregivers can help those individuals with personal care needs, light housekeeping as well as food preparation and companionship. Spectrum also has 14 nurses on staff that provide everything from medication management, wound care to in home labs ordered by the client’s primary provider. Our nurses will keep in close contact with our clients’ primary providers as well as the pharmacy where the medications are prescribed.

 Spectrum cares for clients with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia that need care to ensure safety. These consumers tend to need help up to 24-hour care. Spectrums respite care is available for family members who are primary caregivers.

Spectrum cares for the clients with neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, mental health concerns, strokes, Multiple Sclerosis and Cerebral Palsy as well as others with different needs. Sometimes it is just getting consumers up and into wheelchairs, sometimes it is necessary to provide more specialized care. Care plans are made for each client, and these are fluid and can be
changed easily and customized to the client’s needs.

 Spectrum cares for clients with need for help for short periods of time to heal and regain their strength.

 Bottom Line, Spectrum cares for all in need and we do it with respect, dignity, and compassion.



In essence we care for anyone who needs help.

Our mission is to provide the most compassionate and flexible services to each and every person in need.

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