Post Surgical and Hospitalization Care

Post Surgical and Hospitalization Care

Surgery is sometimes needed especially for orthopedic surgery where a joint has been replaced. A Spectrum of Care is there to help in the critical post op period where care may be needed to ensure there are no safety issues especially with falls. We are able to do light exercises to stretch and strengthen the muscles around the joint to help heal faster and return to previous state of good health. Caregivers are there to assist with toileting and dressing is needed. We are also able to help transfer consumers if weight bearing is not allowed.

For other types of surgery such as abdominal or chest surgeries A Spectrum of Care is able to help ensure that consumers are eating well and are up and ambulating. This will avoid post op complications such as blood clots or pneumonia. Caregivers can also encourage correct medication use and will communicate issues to social workers or directly to the physician is necessary. Groceries, personal items and medications can be picked up by the caregiver and delivered to the consumer.

We can provide care for 2-24 hours and will be available as long as needed. A Spectrum of Care works out individualized care plans and can adjust them according to how the consumer is doing and what is needed.

Our mission is to provide the most compassionate and flexible services to each and every person in need.

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